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A world of products with only one purpose COOKING

Our Story

Kitchenta is a global marketplace for unique and creative kitchenware. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from everyday kitchen tools to rare and unique tableware and more.

It is Founded by an Egyptian entrepreneur, and based in the U.S, Kitchenta aims to enrich people’s everyday lives.

He believes that kitchen objects should be distinctive, yet multi-functional, with durable materials that inspire individual use and style.

Our Vision

We aim at making your day in & out of the kitchen an easy and enjoyable task; Whether you cook, bake, brew, or just love to make yourself some fresh juice, anything you want to do in the kitchen, you can do with Kitchenta.

By carefully picking products based on quality, price, and features, We offer the best value to its customers.


Our Mission

Kitchenta offers products across a range of materials and categories that guarantee the right tool for the right job, which has been carefully picked based on quality, price, and features.

We offer the best value to its customers.

We, at Kitchenta, help communities to dive into a wider variety of products. Our platform connects trustworthy sellers with millions of buyers looking for something special.

Kitchenta is dedicated to bringing our customers the best possible prices. With worldwide delivery destinations, we make your shopping experience a pleasurable one.

Since our early beginnings, our mission has always stayed the same; to provide outstanding quality and value for modern families. Kitchenta has managed to fit modern family needs, always with an emphasis on providing the highest quality at the lowest price.


Our Teamwork

Half of our employees, from management to production, only care about health and safety, which reflects on the choice of products that we present to our customers.

We connect people to products – opening up a world of possibilities from different worldwide markets to all kitchen junkies.

Driven by the love of kitchen tools and appliances, we made anything you desire, pop up at your kitchen with a power of one click.

We don’t just deliver to your doorstep; we are a family that knows what exactly you need and want.

Your shopping experience can never be better. Bon appétit! love-icon


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